From January 11 to February 9, 2024, Solo exhibition at Galerie Europia, 15 Ségur, 75007 Paris

« Interactive colours » consists of a collection of interactive optical illusion artworks. These artworks interact according to the viewer’s movement in front of it. Each piece contains three or four vinyl colors (Blue, Red, Yellow,  and black). The vinyl colors are snipped as lines, placed on two separate « transparent Plexiglass » or polyester layers.

New colors appear, depending on the dynamic and visual interaction between the colors. The appearance of new colors comes from constraining one or more adjacent colors on the back Plexiglass layer, between two lines of the front layer. For example, green appears as a result of constraining blue and yellow lines. We see orange after constraining red and yellow. Violet comes out as a result of constraining the red and blue. As a result, the new colors fill the whole space between piece lines placed on both layers. All new colors exist yet do not exist; they are visually present but physically absent. The eye captures a spectrum of unphysical colors. That spectrum moves according to the viewer’s movement and his point of view.

The project digs into the dynamic relationship between colors and the limitation of the human eye, to create an interactive visual event.