In collaboration with Namma & Containers, based in Houston – USA.

“We, the Winds” is an itinerant artistic installation composed of 9 containers.
8 totems, 40 foot containers placed vertically on their back sides, incorporate the winds of the world, continents and subcontinents: North America, Central America and Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.  The 9th central totem suspended in the air will distribute local wind in real time.
On the entrance facades of these eight containers are the names of the winds, both evocative and poetic, well known or not: Alizé, Chinook, Harmattan, Kona, Mistral, Shamal, Sirocco, Squamish and others. Each of these 8 containers feature a kinetic design created by the artist Dino Ahmad Ali. This creation is part of “Interactive Colors”, a collection of interactive optical illusion artworks. The totem facade will change color and appearance as the spectator moves.
In these 8 spaces, fans simulate the physical feeling of these winds. Their sound recordings will be broadcast by speakers embedded in the acoustic interior walls. The 8 wind boxes have doors that are positioned on the upper facades: raised towards the sky when storm winds are raging and closed when gentle breezes are blowing (intermediate positions according to the wind intensity: light, moderate, strong, windy, stormy).
The central chrome container, also 40 feet long, is suspended 10 feet from the ground with 8 air vents that direct the wind into a tubular system that distributes sound in real time in 12 pavilions (different heights for adults and children). The central chrome container, inverted organ, can either diffuse or amplify the wind in real time or produce unique musical sounds.